Sun Brand Hot Bengal Mango Chutney


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Origin: India
SKU: MA0002
Size: 241g
Cuisine: India
Minimum Shelf Life: 12 months


Sun Brand hot Bengal mango chutney is perfect with a traditional Indian curry or as a dip with poppadoms. It’s also great for livening up the humble cheese sandwich.

The chutney is made by macerating whole mangoes in vinegar and spices for several weeks. This mixture is then cooked down into a thick chutney. Sun Brand hot Bengal mango chutney is fruity with a strong chilli kick – perfect for people who like things spicy.

A medium hot mango chutney and a mild mango chutney from Sun Brand are also available.

Sun Brand is made by Merwanjee Poonjiajee & Sons, who have been making chutney and curry in Bombay (now called Mumbai) since 1876. These chutneys and curry powders were such high quality that they were among the first of their kind to be exported from India. Sun Brand products are still made using traditional recipes that have been handed down in the Merwanjee and Poonjiajee families for generations.

Ingredients: sugar, mangoes, vinegar, raisins, spices, chillies, ginger.

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