Chocolate & Sweets



Chocolate & Sweets

Find some of the finest gourmet chocolate and confectionery selected from around the world. Choose from Danish liquorice, Middle Eastern halva to Italian torrone and Japanese mochi sweets.

Our Favourite Luxury Chocolate Brands 

  • Neuhaus: The inventors of the Belgian filled chocolate pralines
  • Valrhona: The chocolate of choice for expert patisserie making
  • Willie's Cacao: Made in small batches in Devon from bean to bar
  • Booja Booja: Vegan and organic chocolates made in the heart of Norfolk
  • Tony's Chocolonely: Sustainable and ethical chocolate producers with a range of fun and interesting flavours

Best Chocolate Products for Gifting 

Recipes to Try

  • The Buyer's Guide to Luxury Chocolate

    The Buyer’s Guide to Luxury Chocolate

  • Matcha Green Tea S'Mores Recipe

    Matcha Green Tea S'Mores Recipe

    • 200 minutes

    • Difficult

  • Kate Doran's Peppermint Marshmallows

    Kate Doran's Peppermint Marshmallows

    • 1 hour with added setting time

    • Intermediate

  • Indulgent Chocolate Baking Recipes
  • Guinness & Black Salt Caramels Recipe

    Guinness & Black Salt Caramels Recipe

    • 3 hours 20

    • Intermediate

  • Strawberry & Pistachio Nougat Recipe

    Strawberry & Pistachio Nougat Recipe

    • 40 minutes plus cooling

    • Intermediate