Tony's Chocolonely



Tony's Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to make the chocolate industry 100% slave free. This means using only traceable beans, paying a higher price, investing in farming cooperatives, thinking long term, and helping farmers be more productive. The brand makes a range of fun, brightly packaged bars, including favours such as dark milk pretzel toffee and white raspberry with popping candy.

Why we Love Tony's Chocolonely

  • All their cocoa beans are traceable back to the cooperatives they bought them from
  • They pay a higher price for their products so the cocoa farms earn a living income
  • Work with farmers and cooperatives for a minimum of five years so they can reinvest their money into the farm and have job security
  • Invest in agricultural knowledge and skills to help improve the quality of the cocoa 
  • Work with the professional farming cooperatives to suit their needs