Food Advent Calendars

Advent calendars to delight every day until Christmas! If you're not sure which to choose, jump down the page to watch our video about four of the best advent calendars for 2023. Watch now >



Food Advent Calendars

Take a look as we open four of our favourite advent calendars:

Looking for the best foodie advent calendars for the upcoming year? Look no further! We've gathered the top picks for you to get excited about. Including the finest confectionery from across Europe, to world spices and a G&T spectacular. Delight and excite for December 2024!

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What are the best food Advent Calendars for 2024?

For classic chocolate treats this advent, we only work with the best in the business. From the finest chocolatiers in Belgium, Italy and France, these food advent calendars cure those daily December chocolate cravings. 

For the lover of luxuries, gift 24 samples of the finest in Provencal living - an indulgent selection of both food and pampering treats from Maison Bremond.

For foodies who look for something more unusual, enjoy Terre Exotique’s spice tour of the globe, or a popcorn snack feast .

Advent Calendars for adults? 

Yes! Advent calendars are not just a sweet treat for children. Our range of unusual and luxurious advent calendars will get foodies into the Christmas spirit. Delicious and exciting surprises for adults (and children!) each day to count down in the most delicious ways possible. 

When do Advent Calendars go on sale? 

The first of our Advent Calendars have just gone live on our website - check out what has arrived here. But if there isn’t something quite yet that is perfect for you don’t worry! Our full range will be available by mid-October. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know! 

Why do we have Advent Calendars? 

The Advent calendar originates in 19th century Germany. Protestants would mark each day of advent by etching on the walls, drawing chalk lines or lighting a candle. From documenting the days at home, the first printed calendar is credited to Gerhard Lang in 1908.

He reminisced when his mother gifted him sweets attached to cardboard squares each day of the Advent countdown. When working at a print company in 1920, he designed his own version with printed pictures, and later with little doors. The modern advent calendar was born. 

The first chocolate advent calendar appeared in the 1950s. Since then the world of foodie advent calendars has rocketed. Everything in food from sweets, snacks, gin, and cheese - everything any foodie could dream of! 

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Terre Exotique Spice Discovery Advent Calendar

The Spice Discovery Advent Calendar lets you taste your way around the world through advent! Containing 24 unique sweet and savoury spices, salt and peppers, this is the perfect savoury advent calendar for those who love to try new flavours. Experiment with a new flavour each day, or spice up your dishes well into 2024. Use speculoos for festive biscuits, make a ma khaen marinade or oyster pepper for way more than just oysters! A new flavour experience every day from the finest French spice producers. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘ I have made biscotti with cubeb pepper and tonight we’re having salmon garnished with Trapper Blend. The gift that keeps on giving!’ - valued customer

Perfect for: The adventurous cook 

Maison Bremond Advent Calendar

For the French fine food specialist comes 24 boxes containing the best of their range. Enjoy sweet treats, flavoured olive oils and unique condiments plus mini toiletries. Experience Maison Bremond’s luxury ingredients and aromas from all the senses. Taste, smell and savour the Provencal countryside for an advent celebrating the art of French living. 

‘This will be my choice this year! I love how the calendar not only contains food but also pampering treats too. It adds to the surprise even more!’  - Lilly, Buyer 

Best for: Lovers of little luxuries

Lakrids Advent Calendar

Danish liquorice producer Lakrids are a cult favourite across Denmark and for good reason - they make the finest liquorice there is. This year’s stunning re-incarnation of their sell-out advent calendar has a beautiful modern design. It features more flavours of their delicious chocolate-coated liquorice than ever before. Each piece is coated in a crispy shell, and bursts with rich flavour. This is the perfect grown-up gift for any liquorice lover - or treat for yourself. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Little balls of heavenly delight -  perfect that you get two to share!’ ’ - valued customer

Perfect for: A treat for two 

Francois Doucet Advent Calendar

From French praline masters, Francois Doucet, comes a festive assortment of delicious confectionery.  Find aromatic fruit jellies and rich praline chocolates behind every door. This year, their sell-out calendar is illustrated with a beautiful gold foil Christmas scene. Not only is this a delicious selection, it is a stunning decoration to get your home in the festive spirit. This is the perfect advent calendar to gift. 

Perfect for: Delighting family and friends. 

Mazet Advent Calendar 

This is the advent calendar to celebrate every delicious sweet flavour of luxury confectionery. Mazet’s advent calendar contains chocolate pralines, caramelised nuts, pâte de fruit and uniquely-flavoured fruit creams. Mazet’s caramelised almond recipe remains unchanged for over 400 years -  this advent, find out what makes this moreish treat so beloved.  

‘This was my advent calendar last year and will most definitely be re-ordered this year! Caramel, nutty, chocolatey, sugary, fruity - this calendar satisfies every bit of my sweet tooth!’ - Helena, Digital Marketing Assistant.

Perfect for: A combination of both sweets and chocolate. 

Mozart Marzipan Advent Calendar 

The ultimate treat for marzipan lovers. Mozart’s advent calendar contains the finest chocolate-covered Marzipan in a whole range of delicious flavours. The sweet almond paste is paired with classic nutty combinations of hazelnut and pistachio. Plus it also includes more unique delights of coffee cream and rich brandy. Countdown to Christmas with 24 full-sized Reber Marzipan shapes. 

Reber calls their chocolates ‘Mozart’ as they make their sweets in the composer’s birthplaces. Taking cues from his work, they view their recipes as ‘inspired compositions’ of nut and chocolate flavours. 

Perfect for: Marzipan lovers

Neuhaus Chocolate Advent Calendar Classic 

Neuhaus’s classic chocolate advent calendar showcases the finest chocolatiers in Belgium. This selection includes their classic hazelnut pralines and gianduja truffles, as well as sesame caramels and crispy nougatine delights. Enjoy new flavours and textures every day up until Christmas. 

Neuhaus began when the founder Dr Jean Neuhaus started covering his medicines in chocolate to make them easier for patients to take. Fast forward to the 20th century, his chocolate recipe was perfected and filled with cream to become the original Belgian praline. 

Perfect for: Chocoholics 

Neuhaus Chocolate Advent Calendar Pop up 313g 

Neuhaus’s pop-up advent calendar is a festive showstopper! This beautiful red box contains 25 doors which reveal a Christmas scene as each one is opened. Not only enjoy the finest Belgian pralines but the excitement of piecing together a beautiful illustration each day. 

‘The Neuhaus favourite Sous Chef advent calendar each year. It is such a beautiful option that doubles the beautiful festive decoration. Chocolate pralines do not compare to Neuhaus - now I get one every day!’ - Sarah, Digital Marketing Assistant 

Perfect for: Chiefs of Christmas decorating

Jingle Bell Pop Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar 165g

A snack advent calendar is the way to countdown to Christmas with a sweet and moreish crunch! The Jingle Bell Pop advent Calendar from the popcorn shed contains 24 individual packets in 6 indulgent flavours. From salted caramel to pecan pie and berry-licious - your sweet snacks are sorted for December. 

Perfect for: Snack lovers

Venchi Chocolate Advent Calendar 180g

If you think Italy makes the best chocolate, the Venchi advent calendar is your pick for this year. Filled with milk and dark chocolates from one of the finest makers, Venchi’s advent calendar is a celebration of their 140 chocolate-making history. 

This calendar is illustrated with a colourful festive scene of a whole family decoration for Christmas. Include this calendar in part of your festive preparations itself! Its fun design makes a wonderful gift for children and adults alike. 

Perfect for: Shortening the Christmas countdown for eager children!

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