Gifts under £100



Gifts under £100

Shop for friends and family  from our beautiful selection of food gifts under £100. These cooking gifts are just the thing for anyone who loves to cook, eat and entertain. 

From our favourite gifts for cooks, including Japanese chef knives and the stovetop smoker - to stylish copper and mango wood jug and our signature vinaigrier barrel, we have something for every taste and budget.

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Our Staff Favourites

"I'm a huge fan of loose-leaf tea, so I would love to receive one of the beautiful Japanese teapots. They're so beautiful. And I think the brand new collection of novelty teapots shaped like an AGA or classic ingredient tins are really fun! I know a couple of friends who would really like the marmite one." Charlotte, Customer Services

"I've just started experimenting more with smoked food, and I've had my eye on the Camerons Smoker. I'm planning to make a beautiful seafood platter using local produce from the Suffolk coast." Heyder, Customer Services