BBQ & Smoking



BBQ & Smoking

Find all your BBQ and Smoking needs at Sous Chef! Whether you’re a BBQ aficionado or taking your first tentative steps towards smoking your own, we have all your bases covered. 

Which BBQ Smoker Should I buy?

From Memphis-style ribs and pulled pork to cold-smoking salmon, garlic and even nuts, we have the right food smokers for you. If you want some twist in your outdoor grilling, try reading our guide on how to grill delicious desserts!

Mini indoor stovetop smokers are perfect for small spaces and intimate dinners. Try our range of tabletop barbecues to impress family and friends with dishes cooked at the table, like delicious Korean bbq classics like beef bulgogi or buldak (“fire chicken”) with cheese. 

For the serious BBQ cooks among you, we have just the bbq smoker styles for you, with options for cold and hot smoking, grilling and roasting all in one!