French Food & Ingredients



French Food & Ingredients

French food ranges from rustic, regional dishes to elaborate, haute cuisine – and everything in between. At one end of the spectrum are the French ingredients and traditions of rural France: grape pressing, salt harvesting, espelette pepper and slow cooked stews. At the other end of the scale is Paris’ tradition of fine dining: rich confits, morel mushrooms, thick roux and gold-brushed croquembouches. Choose gourmet French food, from fine patissier’s Valrhona chocolate to Christine Ferber jams. And French cooking ingredients from snails to fine vinegars and cold pressed olive oils.

Must-have French ingredients

If you are just starting to cook authentic French food, here are a few essentials for your store cupboard:

  • Olive oil: A staple required for nearly every French dish
  • Fleur de sel: Sea salt traditionally from Brittany
  • Herbes de Provence: As the name suggests a mixture of dried, fragrant herbs from Provence
  • Flour: From baguettes to pastry you can't go without it
  • Mustard: Perfect for making a French salad dressing

Essential French cookware

Some of our favourite French recipes

To learn more about how to cook with these products, take a look at our French recipes:

Recipes to Try

  • French Chouquettes Recipe

    French Chouquettes Recipe

    • Under 60 minutes

    • Intermediate