French Oil

Browse our range of nut oils and infused olive oils from French producer, La Tourangelle. They are a family-owned business that has been producing gourmet oils in France since the mid-1800s. La Tourangelle still use traditional extracting methods today, and some of the equipment they use even comes from their original mill. Their high-quality oils shine both in cooking and as finishing touches.

Nut oils, such as walnut oil and hazelnut oil, are unique finishing touches to salads, soups and stir fries. La Tourangelle nut oils are ideal for introducing nutty flavours to dishes that you may not want to add extra crunch to.

You'll also find the delicate, yet complex notes of Nicolas Alziari's Provence olive oils. Alziari are experts at blending olives from different terroirs to make their speciality extra virgin olive oils.

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