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There are two main types of smoking: hot and cold. ProQ BBQ smokers, Bradley smokers and the Cameron smokers hot smoke food - which mean they cook as well as flavouring with smoke. The ProQ BBQ smokers offer a truly authentic American BBQ experience – cook low 'n' slow ribs, beef brisket and pulled pork. Bradley smokers are the ultimate in intuitive and fuss-free smoking – ideal for regular outdoor smoking without the need for constant monitoring. Whereas Cameron smokers take their heat from an indoor hob or BBQ - cooking and smoking a salmon fillet in 20-30 minutes.

In contrast, cold smoking doesn't cook your food but it does bring flavour, and after enough time will also help preserve it. The Sage by Heston Smoking Gun is a chef's favourite tool for adding cold smoke theatre to dishes. The ProQ cold smoke generator is the ultimate tool to smoke a whole side of salmon, pork belly for bacon, cheese or nuts.

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