Food Smokers



Food Smokers

There are two main types of smoking: hot and cold. ProQ BBQ smokers, Bradley smokers and the Cameron smokers hot smoke food - which mean they cook as well as flavouring with smoke. The ProQ BBQ smokers offer a truly authentic American BBQ experience – cook low 'n' slow ribs, beef brisket and pulled pork. Bradley smokers are the ultimate in intuitive and fuss-free smoking – ideal for regular outdoor smoking without the need for constant monitoring. Whereas Cameron smokers take their heat from an indoor hob or BBQ - cooking and smoking a salmon fillet in 20-30 minutes. To learn more read our guide to hot smoking.

In contrast, cold smoking doesn't cook your food but it does bring flavour, and after enough time will also help preserve it. The Sage by Heston Smoking Gun is a chef's favourite tool for adding cold smoke theatre to dishes. The ProQ cold smoke generator is the ultimate tool to smoke a whole side of salmon, pork belly for bacon, cheese or nuts.

What’s the difference between a smoker and a BBQ?

Smoking takes place at an even lower heat level than BBQ to ensure more smoky flavour is imbued. It uses wood chips as its heat source to provide a large volume of smoke in which the food is cooked. Compared to BBQ which commonly uses briquettes, charcoal or gas to cook food through indirect heat and not through the smoke itself.

Can you use smokers and BBQs in winter?

The simple answer is yes. We offer the Cameron's stovetop smoker which can be used indoors and our range of ProQ BBQs and smokers are able to be used year round due to their enclosed shell.

Read our full hot & cold smoking guides Choosing a Food Smoker, Hot Smoking: Getting Started with American BBQ, and Top 10 Expert Tips for American BBQ

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