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Easy Korean Recipes - With Great Vegetarian Korean Recipes

Korean Food & Recipes

If you’ve always wanted to try Korean cooking at home, our selection of Korean recipes is a great place to start. Our spicy Korean chicken wings recipe is ideal for anyone who’s fallen in love with Korean fried chicken but isn’t too keen on deep-fat frying at home. Then there’s the more refreshing salads & side dishes known as banchan and plenty of other easy Korean recipes to try.

Looking for Korean vegetarian recipes? Try kimchi-fried rice, or bokkeumbap with vegetarian kimchi. It’s simple, quick to make and packed with flavour. Or whip up some japchae – a vegetarian and vegan Korean recipe with sweet potato noodles. And no collection of Korean recipes would be complete without a kimchi recipe or two. Learn how to make kimchi with cabbage, or head to our quick kimchi recipe and satisfy your cravings for Korea’s most famous dish in a fraction of the time.