Korean Summer Menu

This Korean Late Summer Menu was written for us by Jia Choi, one of the chef's from the world renowned Seoul Cookery School, O'ngo. Filled with seasonal veg such as courgette, spring onions and carrots, these vibrant dishes are just what you need to update your summer dishes. A mixture of main dishes, starters, sides and drinks, they could be made to enjoy in one sitting or as smaller dishes to enjoy by themselves.

1. Microgreen Bibimbap with Sweet and Sour Gochujang Sauce 

Bibimbap is a seasonal and local dish in Korea, and Microgreen bibimbap is often eaten in summer as it doesn't require any heat. Use any a variety of leaves that are in season to keep it interesting. 

2. Korean Bulgogi Recipe

Bulgogi literally means “fire meat” and it’s great for birthdays and parties. Serve with rice or put in bread with your favourite vegetables to make a flavourful sandwich.

3. Savoury Korean Courgette Pancakes with Dipping Sauce

These Korean pancakes use seasonal summer vegetables and are a great inexpensive starter. You want them to be super crispy on the outside for the perfect crunch. Served with a soy sauce based dipping sauce.

4. Summer Yuja (Yuzu Ade)

Yuja Tea is normally popular in the winter as the Yuja fruit is seasonal in Autumn. However, when paired with sparkling water the sweet and sour taste is very summery. It makes the perfect drink for the end of the meal, as it is very light and refreshing.

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