Meat and vegetable skewers on a grill

Find out everything you need to know about choosing a Thuros BBQ, from which grill is the best for cooking skewers on, to which accessories will make smoking at home easy and achievable.

Who are Thuros?

Thuros is a second generation family business based in Germany who provide durable products for the ultimate barbecue experience. The joy of a Thuros product is that you can add extra modules depending on how you like to cook, and how much space you have. All the cooking grates are rustproof, and every grill body - along with its stainless steel attachments - comes with a manufacturer's 25-year quality guarantee.

What is a modular BBQ?

A modular BBQ is one that can be built on. Once you have the basic grill, you can buy extra accessories to up your grilling game, be it wind deflectors, smokers or rotisserie spits. This means Thuros BBQs are suitable for everyone, whether you have a tiny outdoor table or spacious garden. 

How are Thuros BBQs different?

Thuros has a number of BBQ families with a range of products available in, and each family is designed for a different space.

  1. Thuros T1 tabletop is compact and can be used for grilling at the table, so perfect if you have a smaller space. It’s easy-to-store, and portable, too.
  2. The Thuros Baikal is a standalone shashlik grill, great for cooking juicy kebabs and skewers.
Salmon and wood chips in a smoker

What can the Thuros T1 tabletop do?

Thuros T1 tabletop BBQ is compact and ideal for at-home grilling or an on-the-go picnic. Four corner protectors give it stability meaning it can sit on any surface, and the bottom grill has been designed to prevent too much heat building underneath. 

  1. Made of aluminium stainless steel, with a cooking grate made of food-safe stainless steel
  2. The BBQ measures 22cm in height, with a cooking area of 30cm x 30cm - perfect for 2 people, or two burgers and a couple of corn on the cob at once
  3. Two side slits ensure enough air intake for lighting up the charcoal (and keeping it hot when in use)

Although a Thuros T1 tabletop BBQ grill is nifty in size, lots of people like to add a couple of extra modules to build it up and make the BBQ more versatile. Here are the accessories you can buy: 

  1. A wind deflector protects the grill from stronger weather, while two slots on the side mean the grill height can be adjusted depending on how close you want the food to be to the coals (juicy burgers need a higher heat compared to sizzling sardines)
  2. A smart BBQ hood means the BBQ can be used as a small oven for pizzas and bread as well as a BBQ smoker, while a flat lid protects the grill from dust and dirt when it’s not in use

What can the Thuros Baikal do?

Thuros Baikal is a shashlik grill that makes barbecuing skewers at home easy and efficient. The standard BBQ includes 1 cooking grate and 6 skewers.

If you want to cook up to 12 kebabs at once, you can buy an extra set of 6 stainless steel skewers, and if you want to cook only 6, you can use an additional cooking grate to grill at the same time

 Meat and vegetable skewers on a grill

I'm going camping - which Thuros should I buy?

The Thuros T1 is the perfect model to pack when camping. It’s compact, yet made of high-quality steel, and produces great end results. Grilling at a campsite is a real joy, and with a Thuros T1, you can ensure you have a perfect BBQ for your week away. Here are more benefits of a Thuros T1 grill:

  1. It’s strong, transportable and easy-to-store once cooled down
  2. Made of high-quality stainless steel

Our two 'bundle' picks for campsite grilling are as follows:

A man sat in a camping chair outside

So to summarise... 

Thuros T1 - Tabletop BBQ Grill

The compact Thuros T1 grill is ideal for when you want to grill in small spaces and on-the-go, great for camping. It's perfect when cooking for between 2 and 4 people.

Thuros Baikal - BBQ Grill

Complete with 6 skewers (and space for 6 more), the Thuros Baikal is the Turkish-style ocakbasi grill to buy for cooking juicy kebabs and skewers at home.

Browse the entire Thuros range here


  • Hi Charles. Yes, the T1 and Baikal both use coal as the heat element.

    Isobel at Sous Chef on

  • Does this BBQ use ordinary charcoal . I have looked very hard and cant see what is used as a heating element …lots of info about everything else …except the thing that drives it🤣

    Charles Jardine on

  • Hi Hafeez. You can shop our full range of BBQs here This is our best grill for making kebabs at home

    Ellie at Sous Chef on

  • I need gas grill for shish kebab. Do you have one

    Hafeez Firoz on

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