French Pâtissier's Secret Ingredient - 3 Recipes Using Feuilletine

Usually only seen in professional pastry kitchens, feuilletine is the secret weapon of many a French pâtissier. Feuilletine's full name is pailleté feuilletine, meaning leaf-like flakes, an apt name for these brittle crispy flakes with caramelized, praline flavours.

Here are our top three recipes using feuilletine.

Louis XV Chocolate Mousse Dessert

A classic use for feuilletine is in the iconic signature dish of Alain Ducasse’s three-star Michelin restaurant in Monte-Carlo, the Louis XV. A layer of feuilletine mixed with praline is spread on top of a hazelnut dacquois to form a base with an irresistible chewy crunch. 

Feuilletine & Salted Caramel Macarons

Beyond its classic uses, feuilletine adds decorative interest to biscuits, in particular macarons. In our macaron recipe we sprinkle the feuilletine over the macaron shells just before baking. The caramelized, praline flavours work well with a salted caramel and vanilla buttercream filling.

Hazelnut & Feuilletine Christmas Yule Log

Last but not least, feuilletine adds an irresistible crunch to our chocolate and hazelnut yule log. In this recipe we make a praline/feuilletine layer which is spread onto a chocolate genoise sponge and rolled up with a hazelnut buttercream. The rich nuttiness of our hazelnut paste really complements the caramelized flavours of feuilletine.


Feuilletine is made from the same batter as crêpes dentelles, extremely thin layers of biscuit rolled up into wide cigar-like shapes. Feuilletine flakes have a light, crispy texture which works wonders in pâtisserie. In particular, feuilletine has an affinity with chocolate since the flakes can be coated in chocolate without going soggy. This means they can retain their texture adding contrast to layered cakes known as 'entremets.'

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  • Thank you for the tips!
    Can I mix some butter or coconut oil into the melted chocolate before mixing in the feuilletine? I find that if I only use chocolate the layer in my cake becomes too hard to cut and eat with a spoon.

    Nanna on

  • Hi Lena, Yes – 100% hazelnut paste would work! The Louis XV Dessert Recipe uses only praline paste with white chocolate couverture and feuilletine.

    Edie at Sous Chef on

  • To use feuilletine without it getting soggy, can I mix it with 100% hazelnut paste, or is it better with 50%almond 50% hazelnut + sugar? I would also then add melted chocolate, would that work? Thanks

    Lena on

  • Thank you Aisha. This is very helpful.

    Maureen on

  • Hi, Maureen – oh no, no one wants soggy feuilletine! Feuilletine is extremely sensitive to water, so it can be tricky to use it properly in recipes. If you’ve added it to a ganache with double cream, the water content of the cream will be the cause of the sogginess. Fat and feuilletine, on the other hand, is a safe combination. Which is why in these recipes where it’s mixed with praline paste – a paste made only with sugar, ground hazelnuts and ground almonds – the feuilletine stays nice and crisp. All of the ‘moisture’ in the paste is actually oils from the nuts – which is fat. So, to keep your feuilletine nice and crisp and crunchy, keep it away from anything with water in it. I hope this helps!

    Aisha at Sous Chef on

  • I added it to ganache to fill my cake but it went soggy. Please advise how to use it as a cake filling.

    Maureen.Uchil on

  • its verry nice

    anura on

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