12 Fun & Foodie Gifts for Teens

Discover our bright, colourful and quirky gifts which are just the thing for any teenager who is interested in cooking, eating and discovering new tricks in the kitchen. If you’re stuck for Christmas ideas, take a look at the list below and treat your teenager to something they’ll really love.

1. Gifts For Teens Who Love To Cook

Assorted Ravioli Stamp Set

Have a go at making ravioli together with your teenager, with this set of three different-sized stamps. It’s a simple and super-fun way to shape homemade pasta, and a great way to spend time together making something delicious. 

Springerle & Speculaas Biscuit Roller

Any teenager interested in baking will love this springerle & speculaas biscuit roller, which quickly and easily moulds traditional German and Dutch biscuits. The roller features 12 different designs of birds, flowers, berries, squirrels and prestigious buildings. It’s a fun way to make biscuits they might not have tried before.

Simple Sushi Making Kit

Hanging out at Yo Sushi! regularly will certainly hit a teenager's budget. And so what better than learning to make their own sushi. Plus there's a lot of fun to be had in having friends round and preparing sushi together - everyone can pick exactly the flavours they like, and perhaps even compete to make the most elaborate creation! 

2. Ideas For Those Who Like Unusual Flavours

Stateside Texas BBQ Milk Chocolate Bar 100g

One for the fearless chocolate lover! The Stateside Texas BBQ Milk Chocolate Bar is a sweet, salty, earthy treat that tastes just like a barbecue. Flavoured with beef stock, Texas spicing and chilli, this is a chocolate bar with a real rodeo kick. It’s a real talking point, and fun to share with friends.

Wonka Rainbow Nerds 142g

Introduce your post-millenial to a classic sweet from the 1990s with this pack of psychedelic Nerds. Pour out a handful of nerds and enjoy the zingy flavours of these playground favourites together.

3. Gifts For Teens Interested in Growing

Japanese Micro Herb Growing Set - Shiso, Hawk Claw Chilli, Wasabina

Perfect for a teenager who’s interested in new flavours – this set of micro herbs is really easy to grow. It’s almost impossible to buy these herbs fresh in Europe, but with this set of Japanese seeds you’ll have them on your dishes without even leaving the continent. Japanese shiso leaf is probably the most famous, with its distinctive flavour and jagged spade-shaped leaves. 

Papa Peropon Panda - Grow Your Own Basil

Papa peropon panda is a cute plant pot set that lets you grow your own basil on the windowsill. Instead of watering the plant directly, keep the white dish topped up with fresh water. The panda laps it up through its bright pink tongue!

4. What To Give Teens With A Sense Of Humour

Hot Dog Funky Egg Warmer

The hot dog funky egg warmer is sure to get everyone smiling at breakfast time, even on a school day! The hand-crocheted egg warmer looks like a sausage dog is nose-down in your egg cup and it fits snugly. Keeping your boiled egg warm until it’s ready to eat.

Rocko The Dinosaur Sweetcorn Holder

The Rocko the dinosaur sweetcorn holder is perfect for younger teens who love quirky characters. One fork has Rocko’s head and front legs, the other has his tail and back legs. Stick into either end of a corn on the cob to make your very own sweetcorn-o-saurus.

Ice Pop Washing Up Sponge - Green Pink

This giant washing up sponge is shaped like a classic ice lolly, complete with a wooden stick. It’s something a little bit tongue-in-cheek that might just encourage your teen to help with the dishes…!

5. Food Gifts To Brighten A Day At School

Gold Samurai Bento Box Large 1200ml

These large bento boxes are a fun and practical way to take packed lunches to school or college. The top, ‘hat’ section is an inverted bowl - tuck a small sachet of instant miso soup into here, and just add hot water when ready to eat. The second ‘face’ level has a hermetic seal for storing stews or dressed salads without leaking. The bottom ‘body’ level is a perfect container for buns, sushi or rice

Sushi Socks Shrimp

These sushi socks in shrimp (ebi nigiri) design are the ideal gift for sushi lovers with a sense of humour! Possibly the most kawaii socks we’ve ever seen, you can now proudly show off your favourite sushi wherever you are. 

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