Nougat & Torrone



Nougat & Torrone

Discover the best nougat and torrone at Sous Chef! Dating back to Ancient Roman, when it was known as “nux gatum” there’s a simple reason a nougat bar has stood the test of time for over a millennium: it’s delicious! Chewy, sweet and nutty, nougat and torrone are a confection-lover’s dream.

Typically made with a mixture of honey or sugar, whisked egg whites and nuts, sometimes with tempting extras like chocolate or dried or freeze-dried fruits. 

Buy the best nougat and torrone

Our collection of Italian torrone comes in flavours ranging from Sicilian lemon, orange, or pistachio or why not try soft Spanish turron to serve as an after dinner treat. A selection box or nougatine cigar made for ideal gifts or for scoffing all by yourself! 

Nougat and torrone are perfect in parfait and irresistible in ice cream. Try adding small chopped pieces into mousses and soufflés, or fold into crème légère to fill cakes and mille-feuilles.