Pesto & Pasta Sauce



Pesto & Pasta Sauce

Our range of pesto & Italian pasta sauces makes it easy to enjoy a quick gourmet dinner any night of the week. La Favorita's range of authentic Genovese pestos and classic Italian sauces taste 'just picked' - you'd never guess such fresh tasting sauces are from a jar!
'Nduja from Spilinga is not, strictly speaking, a sauce. But stir this spicy, spreadable Italian salami through a basic tomato sauce and you've got yourself a new go-to favourite when you're strapped for time.
And for the best, most tomato-y pasta sauce, you need Paolo Petrilli tomatoes. Their organic plum tomatoes are loved by Italian chefs and restaurants for being sweet, juicy, and positively bursting with flavour. If the 1kg jar is too much, pick up a can of San Marzano tomates - they're the same cultivar as Paolo Petrilli's, but grown in Naples rather than Puglia.

What is pesto?

What makes pesto? The answer, it turns out, depends on many factors - what basil you use, which cuisine you listen to use, and which other ingredients you decide to combine with the nuts and olive oil. The following guide to pesto will tell you everything you need to know about this popular Italian sauce — and may even inspire your own spin on this versatile, flavorful green spread!

Pesto is a sauce that is usually made by blending fresh basil with olive oil and nuts into a creamy paste. It originated in Genoa, Italy but has since spread to become a popular dish all over the world. The word pesto comes from the Italian word pestare, which means to pound because it was traditionally created by hand using a mortar and pestle.

What are the main ingredients of pesto? 

Pesto is a dish of Italian origin that is traditionally made with basil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese. These ingredients are combined with olive oil and salt before being pureed until smooth. There are many variations of pesto, including those made with other herbs such as parsley or cilantro. Other common ingredients include walnuts, almonds or even sun-dried tomatoes.

Ways to use pesto

Pesto can be used in so many ways. It works wonderfully as an instant and simple pasta sauce tossed through both hot and cold pasta. It also works brilliantly as a condiment - add it to a grilled cheese sandwich or drizzle it over a crisp summer salad. Even a marinade for meats and vegetables - the possibilities are endless! 

Some of our favourite pesto recipes: 

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