Tahini & Sesame Paste

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Tahini & Sesame Paste

Tahini, a paste made from sesame seeds, is a go-to in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. Sesame paste keeps its intense sesame flavour but has a smooth and creamy texture. Tahini is a key ingredient in classic hummus or baba ghanoush.

What’s the difference between tahini and Asian sesame paste?

Tahini is sesame paste. But tahini is the word that’s used for the paste across the Middle East, Greece and Israel. In Asian cooking you’ll more commonly hear it referred to as sesame paste, where it is popular in dishes such as Chinese dan dan noodles, or Japanese sesame ramen.

Asian sesame paste can have a slightly coarser texture and darker roast than Middle Eastern tahini or sesame paste.

Uses of Tahini

Tahini is not just for hummus. Tahini or sesame paste is a key ingredient in hotpot dipping sauces for grilled meat, or to mix with lemon juice for a fresh and healthy salad dressing. Tahini is also an incredible ingredient in ice-cream, or chocolate brownies.

Best Tahini Recipes

Use it in baking for a nutty kick or throw it in a smoothie for extra creaminess. Sweet or savoury, tahini keeps things interesting. The best Tahini recipes we highly recommend are:

What type of tahini should I buy?

Which tahini you like is very much personal taste. Lebanese tahini is one of the most highly rated sesame pastes we sell at Sous Chef. Belazu tahini is also a fantastic product.

For Japanese desserts, you might prefer to try black sesame paste, a particular speciality, or the pre-sweetened Chinese black sesame paste. And – of course – Asian sesame paste for Chinese cooking.

Where to Buy Tahini

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