Tamarind Paste & Sauce



Tamarind Paste & Sauce

Tart and tangy tamarind paste is made from pulp extracted from the tropical pod like tamarind fruit. 

An essential ingredient in Middle Eastern, South, and Southeast Asian, and Latin American cuisine, tamarind adds zing and sourness to curries, soups and chutneys, like sambar, rasam and date and tamarind sauce. 

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Dark, sticky and fragrant, tamarind adds a biting citrus hit that helps give pad thai and laksa their distinctive flavour profiles. Tamarind can be diluted to make Mexican drink, agua de tamarindo, or even added to sticky toffee pudding to help balance the sweetness and to add a refreshing complexity. 

How to use tamarind

Use it for Goan fish curry and beef rendang or whisk it with chilli, lime, oil, soy and honey to make a delicious sweet and sour salad dressing that makes the perfect contrast to fresh mint and salty peanuts. 

Recipes you can use tamarind paste with: