Fish Sauce & Shrimp Paste



Fish Sauce & Shrimp Paste

Fish sauce and shrimp paste add have been used to add depth of flavour derived from since Roman times - to add umami to dishes. 

Fish sauce and shrimp paste are essential ingredients in many Southeast Asian dishes, and Delfino Colatura di Alici is a modern version of the Roman staple garum. 

What fish sauce should I buy?

Vegan or vegetarian “fish” sauce is also available to enable those who have particular dietary needs not to miss out on this tasty addition to a dish.

Fish sauce, a liquid condiment made from fermented fish, is a cornerstone of the cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. It boasts a salty and savoury profile with a distinctive fishy aroma. 

How is fish sauce made? 

Used judiciously, it adds a complex depth of flavour to soups, stir-fries, dipping sauces, and marinades. The process of making fish sauce involves ageing fish, typically anchovies or mackerel, with salt in wooden barrels. 

This fermentation process can take months to years, resulting in a potent umami bomb.

How is shrimp paste made? 

Shrimp paste, similarly, is made from fermented ground shrimp mixed with salt. It is a paste with a pungent, briny scent and a concentrated, robust flavour. 

Shrimp paste is used as a base ingredient in numerous dishes, like curry pastes, sambals, and dips. When heated or cooked, shrimp paste transforms, mellowing into a rich, earthy umami flavour that enhances the overall taste of a dish.