Anchovies are every food lover’s secret store cupboard weapon. Intensely savoury and umami-rich, anchovies add depth and seasoning to everything from sauces and stews to salad dressings and spaghetti. Tinned anchovies are the gateway to a speedy Caesar salad or a vibrant salsa verde.

Which are the best anchovies to buy?

Dinner need never be dreary again with our fantastic range of anchovies!

  • Try Africa’s finest dried anchovies – perfect for broths and Abobi Tadi
  • Our anchovy paste from Spain will have your supper singing with a single squeeze – delicious rubbed over the skin of a chicken before roasting or spread under cheese on toast. 
  • Anchovy extract is the modern equivalent of Ancient Rome’s favourite ingredient: garum and will add complex saltiness with a few drops
  • And not forgetting the pièce de resistance of the anchovy world: Ortiz anchovies. Ortiz’s iconic tins contain Europe’s favourite cantabrian anchovies.
Anchovies are the perfect choice for draping over crostini or arranging on pizzas and pissaladières before baking. You can make bagna cauda to dunk crudités in or melt them into a garlicky dressing for punterelle alla Romana.