Asian Sauces & Condiments

Asian Sauces & Condiments

Buy Asian sauces and condiments online. Find Japanese sauces for sushi, like unpasteurised soy sauce and real wasabi paste. Or make spicy mayo for spicy tuna sushi rolls with Japan's favourite mayonnaise brand, Kewpie. Pick up a bottle of Japanese tonkatsu sauce to drizzle over breaded, deep-fried pork cutlets or okonomiyaki pancakes. We've also got a huge range of Japanese soy sauce from one of the biggest names in the business, Kikkoman. And if you've always wondered about Japanese soy sauce vs Chinese soy sauce, read our soy sauce comparison guide to find out the differences.

Pork is the most popular meat in China, so there's plenty of Chinese sauces for pork you can try. Like the famous Chinese BBQ sauce, char siu, for sticky-sweet pork belly. Browse our range of stir fry sauces, oyster sauce, and Chinese sauces for rice from well-known brands like Lee Kum Kee and Lao Gan Ma. And chilli fans must try the famously fiery Pixian chilli bean paste from the Sichuan province.

Korean sauces and condiments have big, punchy flavours - think lots of chilli and lots of umami. The most famous of these is gochujang, a Korean chilli paste that is the key ingredient in bibimbap sauce and Korean topokki sauce, or tteokbokki sauce. Gochujang is often mixed with doenjang, a fermented soy bean paste, to make the Korean dipping sauce known as ssamjang. But not all Korean condiments are spicy. Korean sauces for beef, like kalbi, and the Korean BBQ sauce called bulgogi are much fruitier with a mild, yet rich flavour.

Moving further west you'll discover a range of Indian cooking sauces from one of the most authentic Indian brands on the market, Ferns. From mild curry pastes to fiery vindaloo sauce and traditional tandoori paste, sweet mango chutney to hot lime pickle. 




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