How To Cook the Best Bacon Sandwich - Korean Style!

What condiments go with a bacon sandwich?

If there’s one thing better than a bacon sandwich, then it’s a bacon sandwich with chilli. Gochujang is a great way to spice up plain old tomato ketchup – slather it on buttered bread, and make a bacon butty which will really blow away the cobwebs, and kick start your day.

We’ve developed quite a taste for the Korean chilli paste in the office, so we’ve gone for a 1:2 ratio of gochujang to tomato ketchup. But if you want something a little less punchy, then ease up on the gochujang, and experiment until you’ve mixed a balanced sauce that suits your taste.

5 things to add to your bacon sandwich?

Here are 5 other tasty additions for your bacon bap:

  1. Crispy onions
  2. Maple syrup
  3. Mango chutney
  4. Kewpie mayonnaise
  5. Artichoke paste

Ingredients for bacon sandwich Serves: 2

  • 4 slices of buttered bread
  • 6-8 rashers of bacon
  • 30g tomato ketchup
  • 15g gochujang

Method for bacon sandwich

  1. Fry the bacon.
  2. Mix together the tomato ketchup and gochujang, and then slather on buttered bread.
  3. Arrange the rashers of bacon on one of the slices of bread, and place the other slice on top.
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What secret ingredient do you add to your bacon butties? Let us know in the comment section below. Find more delicious condiments here, or browse all our recipes to find another tasty dish!


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