Pancake Day Favourites

Pancake Day Favourites

Sous Chef has everything you need for your best pancake day yet, from cookware to toppings to suit every palate. Invest in a crepe pan to cook perfectly round and thin pancakes. For a showstopping pancake day dessert use the crepe pans to make the Japanese Matcha Tea Crêpe Cake, a stunning and very simple recipe!

For topping traditionalists, it's hard to beat a good glug of maple syrup. Enter Escuminac - they think of their organic syrups like the producers of single vineyard wines. By collecting the syrup at different stages in the harvesting season, they showcase how complex in aroma and flavour maple syrup can be. 

Or make this the year you try something completely different - like the savoury Korean-style kimchi pancake or Japanese okonomiyaki

Articles & Recipes

  • Japanese Matcha Tea Crepe Cake Recipe

    Japanese Matcha Tea Crepe Cake Recipe

    • 2 hours 20

    • Intermediate

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    Easy Japanese Okonomiyaki Recipe

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    Kimchi Pancake Recipe

    • 15 minutes

    • Easy