Professional Baking & Patisserie Supplies

Professional Baking & Patisserie Supplies

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Looking to buy patisserie supplies and professional baking ingredients? We’ve got you covered – whether you are a home cook or a pastry chef. From acetate sheets to chocolate couverture, concentrated flavours to multi-size cake pans, you’re sure to find that essential ingredient or piece of equipment.

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Patisserie is often viewed as the sole realm of master pastry chefs. But with a little know-how and the right ingredients, both baking and patisserie can be equally enjoyed at home. Practice your macarons with the silicone macaron stencil kit and disposable piping bags – and don’t forget the ground almonds!

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For picture-perfect edible cake decorations, look no further than our range of crystallised flowers, leaves and seeds. Sosa's range of concentrated pastes and texturisers lets you get creative with flavours and textures, and bring your creations to life with our range of professional intense food colours.

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