Baking Ingredients

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Baking Ingredients

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From baking ingredients every kitchen should have, like vanilla extract and sultanas, to exotic baking ingredients like baobab powder and palm sugar. Buy cake decorating supplies like fondant icing for sugarcraft, edible flowers and more. You'll find freeze-dried fruit powder, sugar syrups and nut pastes for all your baking needs.

Will baking ingredients stay fresh in the post?

All our baking ingredients will stay fresh at room temperature while unopened. And that includes staying fresh in the post!

What are the store cupboard essentials for baking?

Store cupboard essentials for baking include flour, baking powder and sugar. Vanilla extract is a popular baking ingredient for cupcakes and sponge cakes, and dried fruits are essential for baking fruity cakes and cookies.

How do you store baking ingredients?

You can store many baking ingredients in your cupboards at room temperature. Some baking ingredients might need to be refrigerated when opened, so always check the packaging.

What baking ingredients are gluten free?

Gluten free baking ingredients do not contain wheat or other cereals like barley. Substitute regular flour for gluten free flour blends, or even ground nuts in biscuit and cookie recipes.

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