Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

Edible flowers add a burst of colour and subtle floral flavours to sweet and savoury dishes. Dried edible flowers such as mallow and hibiscus come to life in syrups and cocktails. Dried lavender brings a hint of perfume to biscuits and icing. Rose petals add flair and fragrance to cakes or savoury Middle Eastern dishes.

Dried edible flowers are also great in infusions, or even sprinkle over fresh salads. Our range of crystallised flowers, leaves and seeds add the finishing touch to cakes, chocolates and wedding favours.

What sort of dishes can you use edible flowers in?

Edible flowers, particularly rose petals, are very popular in Persian and Iranian dishes - both sweet and savoury. Use the petals to top a fragrant rice pudding, or stir through rice. Other edible flowers - like marigold and corn flower - you can use in salads and on canapes to make attractive garnishes.

What are the best edible flowers for cakes and biscuits?

The best edible flowers for cakes and biscuits are rose, lavender and chamomile. These flowers have fairly strong, distinctive flavours that can stand up to a cake batter or biscuit dough. Either lightly crush the edible flowers and add directly into the mixture, or use afterwards as edible decoration.

Crystallised or candied flowers are the best for cake decoration. They are very brightly coloured with intense aromas and flavours. 

How to store edible flowers?

Store edible flowers in a sealed container in a dry place. Try to store edible flowers in a dark place as well - too much light will make the vibrant colours fade. 

Can edible flowers be frozen?

You can freeze edible flowers to preserve them and they will stay vibrant as long as they are frozen. However, when they defrost they will quickly lose their colour and wilt. You can still use the edible flowers to infuse syrup or tea. Freezing edible flowers is not recommended if you want to use them for decoration.

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