Cake Decoration



Cake Decoration

Decorate your creations with flair! Spray celebration cakes or croquembouche with edible gold and silver sprays for an eye-catching metallic finish. Buy edible shimmer dust for cakes and drinks, or use it to give a shimmery-pearl coating to chocolates, quail eggs or jellies. And top petits fours and canapés with real gold leaf or silver leaf for a touch of luxury.

You'll find more cake decorating supplies like modelling chocolate for 3D edible cake topper and fondant icing for sugarcraft. Buy edible flower decorations for weeding cakes, or sugar sprinkles and popping candy for kids' birthday cakes. And paint onto edible wafer paper with food colouring to make your own edible pictures!

Try velvet sprays to decorate your own layered mousse cake entremets. Read more in our article How to use Velvet Spray "The cocoa butter spray not only creates a sophisticated show-stopper dessert but helps the dessert to retain its moisture. Professional pastry chefs often use their own spray gun and mix the cocoa butter themselves. A more practical and less costly option for those not spraying every day is to use instant sprays which produce a flawless fine mist finish." Continue reading... 

How do you use edible gold leaf?

Edible gold leaf is only a few atoms thick, so it is tricky to use properly! The best way to use edible gold leaf is in a room where there is no breeze - so no open windows or fans - otherwise it will quickly crease and become unusable. Use chef's plating tweezers and/or a dry patisserie brush to lift the gold leaf from the paper and transfer it to your cake, dessert or other dish.

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