Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives from the professional chef knife shop! For knife sets, Robert Welch is a lovely British brand for a classic design with high strength German steel. Or choose Japanese-style knives made with Japanese steel. It's really a choice of aesthetics and portability.

The Senzo 33 layer knives are high quality Japanese chef knives. Superb quality ultra-sharp blades with a stunning aesthetic. They are built to last and last. 

French knife makers, Opinel, are particularly famous for their folding pocket knife. And Opinel's high-quality kitchen knives are starting to prove just as popular. Their Parallele range is elegant, functional and makes even the most everyday cooking task a joy.

Brazilian brand Tramontina are designed to help you host the perfect churrasco, Brazilian barbecue. Featuring high quality stainless steel and polywood from sustainable sources, nearly the whole Tramontina Churrasco knife range is dishwasher safe – so you can relax after your chargrilled meat feast!

The rest of our knives are for specific culinary uses. For example, it’s unsafe to open oysters with anything other than the short, strong blade of an oyster knife.

The Essential Kitchen Knives Every Home Chef Needs

If you are just starting your knife collection, there are a few essentials that will cover most basic kitchen tasks:

  • Paring knife: for topping and tailing vegetables, and prepping small ingredients
  • Chef's knife: a larger knife, for chopping bulky root veg, dicing and cross-chopping herbs or finely-diced meat.
  • Serrated knife: for tomatoes or bell peppers that have a shiny, slightly tough skin.
  • Boning knife: for preparing meat and fish, with a long flexible blade that bends to follow the line of bones, for a cleaner slice.

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