Filleting & Boning Knives



Filleting & Boning Knives

Filleting and boning knives are essential tools for handling meat and fish. These knives are crafted with specific features to cater to their respective tasks.

What is a filleting and boning knife?

A filleting knife boasts a long, narrow, and flexible blade, ideally suited for the delicate task of removing bones and skin from fish. 

Its flexibility allows for smooth, controlled movements along the contours of the fish, ensuring minimal wastage. 

The sharpness of the blade enables clean cuts, leaving behind succulent fillets ready for cooking.

A boning knife is characterised by a narrower, rigid blade with a pointed tip. It is designed to separate meat from bones, be it beef, poultry, or game.

Both knives are typically made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.