Carving Knife & Carving Sets



Carving Knife & Carving Sets

Use a carving knive to slice and serve cooked and cured meats for larger crowds. Carving knives are perfect for slicing roasted meats like beef and chicken for a delicious Sunday lunch.

Most carving knives come as a set with a double pronged fork to hold the meat securely in place for comfortable and easy cutting.

What knife is best for carving?

A specific carving knife is designed to cut through large roasted joints. These long knives feature curved tips that allow you to follow the contours of the meat, to ensure the highest yield is removed from the bone.

What is the difference between a carving and a slicing knife?

Carving knives and slicing knives are often very similar but you can get slightly different variations.

Knives commonly referred to as 'slicing knives' tend to have a smooth edge to cut cleanly through meat. They offer increased flexibility for more intricate and delicate joints.

'Carving' knives are often more robust and designed for tackling bigger and tougher joints. Some have hollow edges for easy release of meat when slicing. This prevents a vacuum from forming when the metal touches hot meat.