Santoku Knives



Santoku Knives

What is a Santoku Knife? 

Santoku knives are multi-purpose Japanese Chef's knives.  Santouku means ’three virtues’ or ‘three uses’ in Japanese - this is a knife that is perfect for meat, fish or vegetables of varying sizes and cuts.

What is the difference between a Santoku and Chef knife? 

The straighter blade makes an up-and-down chopping motion rather than a more traditional rocking motion associated with a Western blade, which gives a more controlled yet powerful cut.

What can I use a Santoku knife for? 

Like chef's knives, Santoku knives are some of the most versatile knives in the kitchen.  The powerful blade tackles larger meat and vegetables but still maintains a sharper tip for precision and accuracy. They are perfect for all manner of kitchen demands and tasks.