Opinel Knives



Opinel Knives

Opinel are French knife makers, who are particularly famous for their folding knife. A panel of international designers even voted the Opinel pocket knife as one of the most successful designs of all time.

Here at Sous Chef, you’ll find the popular Opinel pocket knife alongside high-quality kitchen knives. Their curved bread knife with beech handle makes slicing bread a joy. A set of Opinel Essentials gives you three small knives and a peeler to tackle everyday kitchen tasks with ease. Or get the kids involved in the kitchen with Opinel’s specially developed knife & peeler set for children.

And it’s not just the kitchen – Opinel’s expertise extends to the great outdoors. Their set for gardening includes three high-quality tools for pruning, trimming and harvesting. Or go foraging with the Opinel folding mushroom knife. The curved beech wood handle has a built in brush made from natural boar bristles to gently clean loose soil from freshly cut mushrooms.

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