Bread Knives

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Bread Knives

Using a quality bread knife ensures you get even slices of even the crustiest bread every time. From fresh sourdough to a crispy French baguette, upgrade your sandwiches and dinner appetisers with even and smooth slices.

What is the best knife to cut bread? 

Serrated, long knives make the best knives for cutting bread.  The serrated edges of the blade allow the knife to cut through the hard exterior of a loaf, but not damage the soft fluffy exterior when cutting through the slice. 

Are there different types of bread knives? 

Different bread knives have different serrated edges which make them more or less suited to cut through different levels of crusty bread. Large, uneven serrated patterns are ideal for bigger loaves. 

Where to buy a bread knife?

Explore our collection to find the perfect serrated blade for effortlessly slicing through crusty bread while maintaining the soft interior. Upgrade your kitchen essentials with precision and style. Browse our selection of bread knives at Sous Chef and enhance your bread-cutting prowess.

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