Knife Blocks & Storage



Knife Blocks & Storage

In order to maintain the life of your knives, it is important to look after them and therefore safe and secure storage is essential. 

Knife Blocks 

One way to store knives is on your kitchen counter in a knife block. This is also a stunning and elegant addition to your kitchen to display your premium quality knives. 

A popular style of the efficient and beautiful knife block is a Magnetic knife block. This not only securely holds up to 10 knives, but other steel utensils. as well. The simplicity of the design also makes it the ultimate easy-to-clean storage solution, preventing any build-up of bacteria.

Knife Rolls 

Knife rolls make safe and secure storage for kitchen knives, but are also a great way to transport them. Leather is often chosen as it is sturdy, hard-wearing and protective.