Sugars, Syrups & Sweeteners

Sugars, Syrups & Sweeteners

Buy sugars, syrups and sweeteners online. Whether you want to satisfy your sweet tooth or need an alternative to sugar in your baking, we’ve got a range of natural sugar substitutes to help. And not an artificial sweetener in sight! Here's where you'll find natural sugar alternatives like maple syrup, agave syrup and malt extract.

For your smoothest ice cream or glossiest cake frosting yet, try glucose syrup. Or pick up some isomalt sugar to sculpt delicate sugar creations for cake toppings. And be inspired with our range of finishing sugars - maple sugar with intense maple-caramel flavours and pearl sugar for a patisserie-perfect finish on buns and pastries.

What Can I Use Instead Of Sugar In Baking?

Instead of refined white sugar, you can use unrefined coconut palm sugar in baking. Out of the many natural sugar alternatives available, this is probably one of the easiest to use. This is because you can substitute it for sugar one-for-one in most recipes. It has a similar flavour to brown sugar - sort of butterscotch-caramel notes - so it's best in cookies and chocolate cakes.

What's The Best Alternative To Sugar?

It really depends on what you want to sweeten - unfortunately there's no one 'best' alternative to refined sugar that works in all situations. For example, agave syrup is great in green, herbal and fruit teas, over porridge and with avocado. But it's far too runny to use in cakes.

Date syrup is another good sugar substitute - particularly in raw, no-bake fruit & nut bars. Once chilled, date syrup sets to an almost fudgy consistency. It gives sweetness without the need for refined sugar and holds everything together. Win, win! You can even - with a little careful conversion - use date syrup in cakes like sticky toffee pudding. However, the flavour of date syrup is far too strong to use in tea.

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