The Buyer’s Guide to Coffee and Cocktail Syrups

Coffee and cocktail syrups bring a sweetness and additional flavour to your favourite tipples. Read on to find out why simple sugar syrup is a bartender’s must-have ingredient, which syrups to add to cocktails, and the best coffee and cocktail syrups to buy.

What are coffee and cocktail syrups?

Coffee and cocktail syrups are an easy way to customise your favourite drinks at home. Typically made with sugar, water and a flavouring, the syrups sweeten drinks and provide an additional flavour, be it lychee, watermelon or rose. As well as adding to drinks, you can drizzle coffee and cocktail syrups over gelato or add to homemade jellies.

What do coffee and cocktail syrups taste like?

The taste of your coffee and cocktail syrup will differ depending on the flavour you choose, however all the syrups have a prominent sweetness. All the syrups we sell have pure flavours, whether that's hazelnut, caramel or ginger.

Which coffee and cocktail syrup should I buy?

Funkin Sugar Cane Syrup For Cocktails, 700ml

Made with just cane sugar and water, this simple sugar syrup is a must-have for all keen cocktail makers. The sugar cane syrup adds sweetness and balances acidity in drinks, great when making an old fashioned, cherry martini or fruity daiquiri.

Mymoune Rose Syrup, 250ml

Mymoune rose syrup is wonderful diluted in water with lots of ice for a refreshing summer drink. Alternatively, add a dash to a glass of champagne for a delicate aroma. We also love adding it to a cosmo cocktail for a floral flavour.

Monin Grenadine Syrup 70cl

Made with sugar, water and red fruit extracts, this vibrant syrup adds a reddish tint to cocktails. This syrup is a great addition to alcohol-free drinks, offering a subtle raspberry aroma.

Monin Caramel Syrup, 1 litre

Monin’s caramel syrup gives your cocktails and iced coffees a sweet flavour. Add a splash to espresso martinis or mochas, too.

Chinotto Syrup, 40ml

Pariani chinotto syrup adds the uniquely aromatic, almost herbal bitter orange flavour of Ligurian chinotto fruits to cocktails, ice cream and more. Use the syrup to put a twist on negronis or old fashioned cocktails. Or, add a dash to prosecco and soda with a slice of fresh orange for a ‘Chinotto Spritz’.

Monin Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup, 1 litre

Monin’s sugar-free syrup brings a gentle vanilla flavour to coffee and espresso martini cocktails. You can also add this syrup to cake frostings.

Monin Cocktail Syrup Set, 5 x 50ml

Taste five different cocktail syrups with this miniature set. Featuring passion fruit, mojito mint, strawberry, coconut and elderflower, this syrup selection is fantastic for putting a twist on your favourite cocktails, from a simple gin and tonic to a jug of sangria.

Monin Coffee Syrup Set, 5x50ml

Add an extra flavour to your coffee with this set of five syrups. Try caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, gingerbread and amaretto with this sweet selection, perfect for mochas, lattes and iced frappes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is simple syrup added to cocktails?

Simple syrup is made by dissolving sugar in water. Unlike granulated sugar which settles at the bottom of a drink, liquid sugar syrup blends in cold drinks evenly, distributing the sweetness throughout the tipple.

What syrups do I need for cocktails?

The syrup you need for cocktails depends on what you like to drink. If you were to only buy one syrup, we’d recommend a simple sugar syrup as this is a must-have for making classic cocktails like an old fashioned, whisky sour and a gimlet. Otherwise, it’s up to you, whether you go for something fruity or opt for a more bitter syrup.

You can also use fruit cocktail syrups as an alternative to cordials. We love diluting the Mymoune syrup in water for a refreshing drink.

What is the best syrup for iced coffee?

For iced coffee (and hot coffee) we love using a nut-based or caramel syrup – these balance beautifully against the roasted notes of coffee. If you like your iced coffee extra sweet, try the Monin caramel syrup.

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