Marshmallow Petits Fours Recipe

Marshmallows are being reinvented - no longer sickly sweets just for children, the marshmallow is fast becoming the new cake pop, meringue or cup cake.

We've opted to flavour our mini marshmallow petits fours recipe with mirabelle plum flavour and pure raspberry powder. However, the basic marshmallow recipe can be flavoured in all manner of unusual ways - experiment using a few drops of concentrated flavours such as yuzu, jasmine, salt butter caramel or speculoos.

Or replace the water in this recipe with rose, orange blossom or mint water. Savoury powders are also easily whisked into this simple marshmallow and help to counteract the sweetness - matcha green tea powder adds an earthy, dusky flavour whilst tonka bean powder adds complex sweet-spicy notes.

Present the mini marshmallow petits fours daintily on slates or pass them round in a bowl after dessert instead of after dinner mints.

Ingredients Serves: 10


  1. Mix together the icing sugar and corn flour and sift it onto a baking tray covered in baking parchment or onto a silicone half sphere mould.
  2. Soak the 4 gelatine leaves in cold water.
  3. Heat the water and sugar in a pan to 130°C, monitoring the temperature with a sugar thermometer.
  4. Meanwhile in a stand mixer start beating the eggs to form stiff peaks.
  5. When the sugar syrup reaches 130°C add the corn syrup or liquid glucose and remove from the heat. Strain the gelatine and add to the hot syrup.
  6. Pour the syrup over the egg whites whilst they are whisking.
  7. Continue to beat the mixture for around 5 minutes as the egg whites are cooking and it will turn into a smooth, fluffy marshmallow.
  8. Divide the marshmallow in half. To one half add the raspberry powder and to the other the mirabelle plum flavour. Beat each vigorously to make sure the flavour is well distributed throughout.
  9. Place the nozzle in the piping bag and fill with the marshmallow. Time is of the essence here as the marshmallow will get thick and sticky as it cools. Pipe small rounds about 2cm wide on the baking tray, or, if using a silicone half sphere mould, simply pipe the marshmallow into the mould.
  10. Leave for 30 minutes to set. Then roll the mini marshmallows in the icing sugar/corn flour mixture and assemble in a glass bowl. For a special decorative finish add a sprinkle of edible gold shimmer dust.
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  • I’m afraid it’s not something we’ve tried however the excellent Khymos blog includes a recipe collection with agar agar marshmallows Let us know how it goes!

    nicola on

  • Thanks for the great recipe. Didn’t have raspberry so substituted it for cranberry powder. Worked perfectly.

    I have a question. Can you make veggie-friendly marshmallow by substituting agar or carrageenan for gelatine? I can, of course, experiment, but if you already know the answer it might save me a lot of time and trouble.

    Thanks again.

    Martin Belderson on

  • Apologies – you’re correct! It is interchangeable with the corn syrup. That is now updated.

    nicola on

  • I cannot see any mention of Glucose in the ingredients list?

    Sandra Murray on

  • Gold, or ‘180 bloom’ — they are the ones here

    nicola on

  • What strength gelatin sheets are you using?

    daniel on

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