Sushi Making

Start sushi making with our sushi making kits. The sushi making kits include the traditional Japanese sushi ingredients you need for perfect sushi – sushi rice, sushi vinegar, nori seaweed sheets – as well as the extra essentials to make your sushi perfect. 

Once making sushi is second nature, top up your store cupboard with more sushi supplies: a wooden hangiri rice barrel and rice paddle for mixing the rice, or pickled daikon for an unusual sushi filling. And when you want to take your sushi making to the next level, try a finer grade of sushi rice, taste different Kikkoman soy sauces – including the purest marudaizu – or artisan aged soy sauce.

Read more about making sushi rice with Reiko Hashimoto, our introduction to How to Make Maki Sushi, and even make Korean kimbap rolls.

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