Guide to Maki Sushi

If you want to make the most basic sushi roll possible, the maki roll is the way to go. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s an excellent introduction to making your own sushi at home, so if you’re a beginner sushi chef, this is definitely the type of sushi you should start with! Read this guide to learn everything you need to know before making this delicious Japanese food at home.

What is Maki Sushi?

Maki sushi or makizushi is a type of sushi that is made by rolling rice and nori seaweed around fillings like fish, vegetables, and tofu. 

Different types of maki sushi

There are four different types of makizushi, read on to learn a little bit about each one and how they are made;

  • Futomaki – is made by rolling your rice and nori seaweed around your filling before slicing into bite-sized cylindrical pieces.
  • Temaki – is made by placing your rice and fillings on a nori sheet before rolling into a cone shape.
  • Hosomaki – is made in the same way as futomaki with one key difference, the size of the nori sheet. Hosomaki is rolled on a half-sheet of nori and is much more slender. So the final bite-sized pieces are easier to eat with chopsticks.
  • Uramaki is made by rolling the rice on the outside of the nori sheet.

What is the difference between maki and nigiri?

The main difference between nigiri and maki is the construction of the sushi. Nigiri is made by placing slices of sashimi on top of an oval-shaped ball of vinegared rice, whereas maki is made by rolling the rice around its filling, encased in a sheet of seaweed. To learn more about nigiri read our guide.

How are maki and hand-roll sushi different?

There is one key difference between maki sushi and hand-rolls or temaki. Maki is rolled up in a seaweed wrapper and then cut into bite-sized pieces, while temaki is rolled up in a seaweed wrapper and then eaten without being cut. 

Temaki can also be made without the use of a bamboo mat due to its cone-like shape and fillings, whereas maki needs to be rolled on a mat to create its tight, neat appearance.

Is maki made with seaweed?

Yes, maki rolls are made with a type of seaweed called nori. Nori sheets are used to encase the sushi filling and rice before being rolled and cut. 

Ready to make maki rolls? Shop sushi making or read our step-by-step guide on how to make maki rolls


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