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Explore the beautiful candied fruit, signature panettone and fine ingredients that make Italian Christmas so special. Sous Chef's Italian Food Gifts for Christmas are some of the very best you'll find. Immerse yourself in the art of Italian gift-giving, uncovering treasures sourced directly from the heart of Italy.

From our signature Sous Chef Milano Panettone to the Fiasconaro x Dolce & Gabbana Citrus Saffron Panettone, each gift captures the essence of Italy's festive magic.

Everything in our Italian Christmas collection has been carefully chosen for its extraordinary quality. These gifts promise an authentic taste of Italy's culinary excellence.

Explore the collection here and let Sous Chef take care of your Christmas celebrations with Italian flavours and treats.

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Italian Christmas food gifts to share

Indulge in the finest Italian Christmas food gifts, chosen for their exceptional quality and authenticity. From the iconic Sous Chef Milano Panettone to the exquisite Fiasconaro x Dolce & Gabbana Citrus Saffron Panettone, each selection is a true representation of Italian holiday traditions.

Explore the richness of flavors with Fabbri Amarena Cherries, Flamigni Dark Chocolate Amarena Cherry Panettone, and the luxurious White Truffle Oil.

Elevate your festive table with the finest Italian ingredients, ensuring a Christmas filled with culinary delights from Sous Chef.

Below: Sous Chef founder Nicola, trading tips on the perfect Italian Christmas with Italian chef Valentina Harris


The Sous Chef Milano Panettone is the panettone of all panettoni! We taste hundreds of panettones (or panettoni as they should really be called) every year.

So we're excited to share something extremely special with you - we found the very best panettone to put our own name on.

Fiasconaro x Dolce & Gabbana's 100g citrus & saffron panettone is the best-selling designer panettone in a perfect single serving!

This stunning Christmas tin contains a miniature version of one of Fiasconaro’s finest Italian panettones. It is packed with large jewels of candied Sicilian citrus fruit, and flavoured with aromatic sweet saffron.

Fabbri Amarena Cherries in Syrup - Opaline Jar, 600g

Fabbri Amarena cherries in syrup are world famous demi-glacé cherries in a decorative opaline jar. The Amarena cherries are soft and juicy, with a pleasing sourness that balances the sweet syrup.

Amarena cherries are small black cherries that grow wild in the Italian cities of Bologna and Modena. They are commonly gently cooked and preserved in sugar syrup, then used as a dessert topping.

The opaline jar is white, milky glass with Fabbri’s iconic blue floral design.

Flamigni’s dark chocolate & Amarena cherry panettone puts a twist on the classic Italian Christmas bread. The panettone is packed with succulent sweet-sour Amarena cherries and pieces of indulgent dark chocolate.

Acquerello Aged Carnaroli Rice, 500g

Use Acquerello aged carnaroli rice to make the best risotto you’ve ever had. Acquerello aged carnaroli rice is the favourite rice of top chefs, like Alain Ducasse and Heston Blumenthal.

As well as keeping the rice fresh, the tin is also easy to store – so you can always have this spectacular rice to hand.

Fiasconaro Pistachio Cream, 180g

Spread Fiasconaro pistachio cream over a slice of fluffy panettone for an indulgent afternoon treat. The velvety smooth cream is made with Sicilian pistachios, and is a luxurious topping for biscuits or even toast!

Use the pistachio cream as a filling for macarons for a special occasion, drizzle over a vanilla cheesecake, or just enjoy a spoonful straight from the jar.

Leone Violet Candies In Classic Tin, 30g

Enjoy one of these Leone violet candies in a classic tin to satisfy your sweet tooth! These sweet pastilles have a well-balanced floral flavour of violet.

A pale pastel colour, these floral pastilles have a satisfying crunch. They are perfect for fragrant sweet lovers or as a post-dinner digestive.

White Truffle Oil

White truffle oil’s intense aromas are a great way to finish a dish and lace it with complex, earthy flavours. The white truffle oil has a base of extra virgin olive oil. White winter truffles (tuber magnatum pico) are collected between October and December and known for their musky aroma and shallot-garlic notes.

Try drizzling a small amount of the white truffle oil on risottos, fish and carpaccio.

Pasta Di Aldo Tagliatelle Egg Pasta, 250g

Pasta di Aldo tagliatelle egg pasta is the classic ribbon pasta that’s a favourite with creamy sauces like carbonara.

Or enjoy the refined flavour of handmade Italian egg pasta by serving it simply with butter, black pepper and a little lemon zest.

Pariani Pistachio and White Chocolate Pralines

Pariani pistachio and white chocolate pralines are delicate nutty delights of the finest Italian pistachios, both chopped and blended into a smooth paste, covered in white chocolate.

The sweet, creamy treats are perfect with a morning coffee, or served with a liqueur after dinner.

Browse all Christmas food gifts here, or read our Christmas food gift guides for even more inspiration, for every type of food lover and chef!


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