Homemade Food Christmas Gifts

Browse hundreds of extraordinary Christmas food gifts at Sous Chef. Or for the foodie Christmas gift that every food-lover is hoping for, see our finest Italian panettone.


Making a gift is a lovely way to celebrate Christmas, and adds such a personal touch to gifts for friends and family. Dive into the joy of crafting homemade Christmas gifts, and explore Christmas gift recipes from Italian chef Valentina Harris and Sous Chef founder Nicola Lando.

Plus find our choice of easy Christmas gift recipe ideas, that are great for children to make.

Whether you're into decadent cookies, spiced nuts, or delightful tea cakes, we've got you covered. Explore the magic of homemade gifts and make this Christmas extra special.

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Recipes for Christmas food gifts from the experts, tried and tested

Christmas Pudding Tea Cakes Recipe


A festive take on the traditional marshmallow tea cake, these Christmas pudding tea cakes are encased in a layer of dark and white chocolate, with a base of crunchy biscuit and a centre of fluffy Christmas pudding flavoured marshmallow. To top it off, a few dried barberries and a couple of crystallised mint leaves make the perfect edible decoration.

Christmas Spiced Nuts Recipe

These lightly spiced nuts are perfect for wintry elevenses. If someone is popping round, you can rustle up a delicious store-cupboard treat with just a few minutes of effort. For a more savoury pre-dinner nut, use half the quantity of sugar and replace with half a teaspoon of salt.

Panpepato - Spiced Italian Christmas Cake Recipe

This is a round, nutty, spicy, chocolately Christmas sweetmeat, or cake, from the green landlocked region of Umbria – there are other adaptations in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, but the Umbrian version is considered to be the original.

Pandolce Recipe - Italian Christmas Cake

Genoese tradition dictates that this cake is always brought to the table at Christmas by the youngest member of the family, who then ceremoniously places a bay leaf spring in the centre as a symbol of well-being and fortune.

Panforte Recipe - Italian Christmas Cake

This traditional, strong flavoured, rather hard sweetmeat is one those Italian Christmas treats that you will either love or hate! It’s a bit divisive, but I think it is delicious with strong cheeses or with a cup of coffee or with sweet desert wine. 

Lady's Kisses - Baci di Dama Recipe

These delicate little biscuits, two tiny half circles sandwiched together with a filling of dark chocolate like a pair of pursed lips kissing, are originally from the town of Tortona, in the province of the Alessandria, in Piedmont, and legend would have it that they have a royal roots.


Best Homemade Food Christmas Gifts for 2024

Looking for the best homemade treats to delight food lovers? Explore a curated round-up of brilliant ideas, including step-by-step recipes for matcha green tea chocolate cookies, Ottolenghi and Goh's chocolate, banana, and pecan cookies, and Valrhona einkorn hazelnut Azelia cookies. Elevate your gift-giving game with these mouthwatering homemade creations this Christmas season!


Matcha Green Tea & Chocolate Cookies Recipe

These chocolate-dipped matcha green tea cookies are a little treat to round off any Japanese meal.

Any good quality chocolate will work for dipping. If you often find desserts too sweet, you’ll love these with 70% dark chocolate. Alternatively if you shy away from bitter flavours, use white chocolate instead. Both look gorgeous, and work well in this matcha recipe.


Ottolenghi & Goh's Chocolate, Banana And Pecan Cookies

This Ottolenghi and Goh team-inspired cookie recipe, introduced by pastry expert Jim Webb, incorporates banana for both moisture and a distinctive flavor. The addition of pecans provides a classic crunch, though walnuts can be a suitable alternative. The secret lies in a slight under-bake, keeping the cookies soft and fudgy, and while they may not be a regular shop feature due to their delicate nature, the silver lining is the delightful urgency to enjoy a freshly baked batch promptly.


Valrhona Einkorn, Hazelnut & Azélia Cookies Recipe

These beautifully textured biscuits use einkorn flour (spelt grain) and finely ground hazelnuts to create a shortbread. Either enjoy this shortbread as it is, or move to the next step and combine the broken up shortbread with melted butter, milk chocolate chips, oats and chopped hazelnuts to form 'no-bake' cookies in the fridge.


Easy Homemade Food Christmas Gifts

Simplify your festive preparations with easy homemade food Christmas gifts that are perfect for making with kids. From rose pistachio and white chocolate shortbread biscuits to mayata chocolate chip cookies and homemade chutney, these recipes are not only delicious but also a joy to create. Find all the ingredients you need ready to buy from Sous Chef, making your festive season hassle-free.

Rose, Pistachio And White Chocolate Shortbread Biscuits Recipe

These rose scented shortbread biscuits studded with pistachios are an elegant afternoon treat. They will keep for up to two days in an air-tight container.

Mayata Chocolate Chip Cookies

The best and easy-to-make chocolate chip cookies that you would enjoy making with kids. This recipe was made by our friends at Mayata Chocolate.


Homemade Chutney Recipe For Christmas

Making chutney is a way to preserve fruit and vegetables – typical ingredients used to make chutneys include tomato, mango, onion or apple. Sweet and tangy chutney is a savoury condiment, served with cheese, cold cuts of meat and salads.


Make-Your-Own Food Gifts For Christmas

Give the gift of culinary creativity with 'Make Your Own' food gifts. These top-selling kits, including Make Your Own Pasta, Make Your Own Sushi, and Make Your Own Cheese, let your friends and family create something extraordinary at home. Loved by foodies at Christmas and throughout the year, these kits bring the joy of homemade delights to every kitchen.

Complete Pasta Making Kit

There's no doubt that great pasta making is an art form. This complete pasta making kit contains everything needed to elevate good pasta to great pasta this Christmas.

Simple Sushi Making Kit

The sushi making kit has everything to start making authentic Japanese sushi - except the fish! Use the sushi rice, sushi vinegar and wasabi to create authentic nigiri. And roll the sushi using the professional sushi rolling mat, and nori sheets to create authentic maki rolls. The ginger is to cleanse your palette between portions. This is the perfect sushi kit for Christmas!

The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit, 920g

The ultimate cheese making kit is the perfect Christmas gift for cheese fanatics. Make 8 different types of cheese in your own home. This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to make your own fresh mozzarella, halloumi, ricotta, goat’s cheese, Scottish crowdie, queso blanco, labneh and paneer. All you have to provide is milk – the type for each cheese is specified in the easy-to-follow recipes.

Browse all Christmas food gifts here, or read our gift guides for Christmas food gifts, for every type of food lover and chef!


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