How To Cook With Matcha: 4 Intriguing Recipe Ideas

In Japan and Korea matcha green tea is used in traditional foods such as soba noodles and mochi and is increasingly used to flavour Western food and drink. Matcha green tea has dusky, vegetal flavours and a vivid, enticing green hue which work well in drinks and pâtisserie.

Unlike other green teas, matcha green tea comes in a powdered form so that it is the actual leaves themselves (rather than an infusion) that is consumed. As such adding too much can overpower a drink or dessert - begin by adding less than you think you need as you can always add more.


  • Hi Ray, It’ll depend on the strength and quality of the matcha powder you’re using. Try adding 1 tbsp per 800g of sponge batter to begin with – you can quite easily add more but taking away is a little harder! Best wishes, Jessica

    Jessica Donnithorne on

  • is there a recipie for a matcha green tea sponge as i have no idea of how much tea to add to a regular swiss roll recipie

    Ray Ball on

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