Popping Candy



Popping Candy

Remember the first time you ate popping candy? Great, wasn’t it? It’s hard to recapture the childlike joy of your first taste of it, but perhaps it’s the memory of that first experience that makes even high-end chefs reach for the tub of popping candy when creating a new dessert.

Popping candy consists of small, hard sugar crystals infused with carbon dioxide, which creates a distinctive popping or fizzing sensation when it comes into contact with the moisture on your tongue.

How is popping candy made?

The creation of popping candy involves a process called supercritical drying, where a mixture of sugar and carbon dioxide is exposed to high pressure and temperature. When the mixture is rapidly depressurized, the carbon dioxide is released from the sugar, forming the tiny gas pockets responsible for the popping effect.

Popping candy can be used to add a surprising element to desserts, cocktails, and even savoury dishes. 

Whether enjoyed on its own, coated with chocolate, or incorporated into culinary experiments, popping candy makes a playful and memorable addition to a dish, offering a unique fusion of taste, texture, and sound that appeals to the young and young at heart.