Yuzu is a small, yellow-green citrus fruit that’s cultivated mainly in Japan. The intensely citrussy flavour of yuzu is often likened to a wild mandarin crossed with a lemon. It also has floral, lime blossom aromas that make the yuzu fruit utterly unique.

Yuzu juice is becoming a popular ingredient in the West, and it’s much easier to find than the fresh yuzu fruit. Add a dash of pure yuzu juice to cocktails instead of lemon or lime juice for an instant Japanese twist.

Yuzu tea is praised in Japan, China and Korea as a soothing cold & flu remedy. Stir a spoonful of yuzu jam into a mug of hot water to make the tea, and add a sprig of fresh rosemary if you like a more herbal flavour.

You can also use yuzu juice to make an easy Japanese yuzu salad dressing. Whisk together 120ml grapeseed oil (or other clean-tasting vegetable oil), 3 tbsp pure yuzu juice, 3 tbsp soy sauce and 1 minced garlic clove. Use this yuzu dressing on spinach, mushrooms, seaweed salads, or even white cabbage and carrot as an alternative to coleslaw.

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