Yuzu Kosho BBQ Lamb Skewers

Yuzu kosho is made from green chillies and the Japanese yellow-green yuzu citrus fruit —where yuzu’s bright notes combine with salty umami, and an intense chilli kick. New York chef Tadashi Ono and his partner Harris Salat first shared the combination of sweet fatty lamb with yuzu kosho and garlic. It’s tempting to add a little sugar to the recipe to further caramelise the lamb, but don’t — only the cleanest flavours are welcome, a sharp spicy refreshment on outdoor BBQ-filled days.

Serve this yuzu kosho BBQ lamb skewer recipe as a starter. Or alternatively, for a main course, serve with steamed white rice and a lightly dressed salad.

We used ‘seam butchery’ to take apart a leg of lamb for this recipe. Seam butchery is the classic French technique to separate a large joint of meat into tender, sinew-free portions. Just slide your knife along the seams between muscles, trimming away any extra fat or sinew as you go. This creates individual cuts that are just as tender as a fillet, but from a traditionally tougher part of the animal. A lamb leg works perfectly for this: a 1.6kg leg of lamb will break down into 800g of tender portions, 6-8 steaks in all. You could marinate the steaks whole, or as we do, slice before marinating and threading onto skewers. This yuzu kosho lamb recipe serves 2 as a main course, or 4 as a starter.

Ingredients Serves: 2

  • 400g boneless lamb shoulder, sliced 5mm thick against the grain
  • 25g yuzu kosho
  • 25g garlic, finely grated
  • Sesame oil, to serve



  1. Mix together yuzu kosho and garlic to make a thick paste. Toss together with the lamb by hand, coating it well.
  2. Thread lamb onto teppo canapé skewers and leave to marinate for 15 minutes or up to 4 hours.
  3. Either cook on a BBQ for a few of minutes on each side, or in a searingly hot griddle pan. Drizzle with sesame oil to serve.
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Yuzu Kosho BBQ Lamb Skewers


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