Polenta, Grits & Corn Flour



Polenta, Grits & Corn Flour

Buy polenta, grits and corn flour that have the very best flavour and texture. From rustic citrus-scented Italian polenta cake to southern states-inspired yellow polenta grits and gravy, we have all your corn-based needs covered with our extensive range. 

What is grits polenta?

Grits polenta is made from ground corn and is gluten-free, suitable for use in savoury and sweet recipes including cornbread, cornmeal cookies and gluten free cakes. Grits tend to be coarsely ground and made from a variety of coloured corn, while polenta is made from yellow corn and comes in a variety of textures from fine to coarse. 

Cornmeal is also a staple in Mexican cooking. Masa harina is the go-to ingredient in tamales and tortillas. Blue masa harina is made from an ancient variety of blue corn. It has a nuttier, more intense flavour than white or yellow varieties and has a pale blue-grey colour. Use it to make tacos or gorditas.

Other corn-based and gluten free flours in this range include oki fuba mimosa for traditional sweet Brazilian recipes like porridge, muffins or Bolo de Fuba. Or try maize and cassava blended fermented flour mix to make Ghanaian banku or pick up a packet of Harina Pan to make delicious Venezuelan arepas.