Middle Eastern Herbs & Spices



Middle Eastern Herbs & Spices

Buy Middle Eastern and African spices online. Get aromatic warm flavours of the Middle East with herby Za’atar, fruity Aleppo pepper and fragrant Baharat. Or experiment with deep musky citrus flavours of dried black and yellow limes, both whole and powder.

Plus explore spice blends to add balanced flavour instantly - from Lebanese Seven Spice, Ras al Hanout and Egyptian Dukkah.

How to use Middle Eastern Herbs & Spices

Discover new ways to use saffron, za’atar and many other Middle Eastern spices in our pick of recipes below. For a burst of freshness, sprinkle za'atar over your favourite salads. Use Urfa pepper in spiced meat patties. Or sprinkle Aleppo pepper over rice and chickpeas for gentle heat. Find more inspiration in the recipes below: