Gluten Free Ingredients

Gluten Free Ingredients

Browse gluten free options and ingredients at Sous Chef. You’ll find a range of gluten free products ready to use in your cooking, including soy sauce, spice blends, and even ready-made ramen soup bases.

Cook quick weeknight meals with gluten free foods like pasta and gnocchi. Make the cakes, breads and biscuits you’ve always dreamed of with our gluten free baking ingredients. You’ll find chestnut flour, cassava flour, and gluten free flour blends from Doves Farm.

There's also a selection of ready to eat gluten free snacks and confectionery. Stock up on Japanese rice crackers to take on picnics or pop in lunchboxes. All gourmet liquorice from Lakrids is gluten free, too. So, go on and treat yourself!

Our Favourite Gluten Free Food Brands 

Some of our favourite gluten free food brands include Rummo pastaLakrids liquorice and Essential Cuisine.  

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