Veganuary At Sous Chef

Make your Veganuary easy and delicious! Whether you're looking for that new ingredient to add variety to your recipes or a new piece of kit to try out the latest preserving techniques, you'll find the inspiration you need.

Young Green Jackfruit 565g

A gluten and soy free alternative to meat, with the meaty texture of pulled pork. Jackfruit has a very mild flavour, so you can add it to anything.

Vital Wheat Gluten Flour - Seitan Flour 500g

Make your own seitan, or ‘wheat meat’, a popular vegetarian & vegan meat alternative. The best part is that homemade seitan is almost endlessly customisable with your favourite herbs and spices.

Nutritional Yeast Flakes With Added B12 125g

Sprinkle over pasta and roasted vegetables for a cheesy flavour without the dairy! Dissolve in almond or rice milk with water and heat gently for vegan cheese sauce.

Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy the umami-rich flavours of dashi too, with this vegetarian dashi powder made from kelp seaweed. Dissolve in boiling water and add miso paste for a comforting and authentic-tasting Japanese miso soup.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml

A great vegan alternative to butter or margarine in baking. Also use in place of sunflower oil in cooking.

Aroy-D Coconut Milk 400ml

A pantry staple for making rich, satisfying vegan curries. Also use in drinks, desserts and breakfasts.


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