Gluten Free Flour



Gluten Free Flour

What is gluten-free flour? 

Gluten-free flour is made from all-natural grains, seeds, and legumes that are naturally free from gluten. It is therefore suitable for people with celiac disease or who have a gluten intolerance.  Some gluten-free flours are made from a blend of other grains such as rice, tapioca and maize, while other types are made from the pure form of non-wheat grains. 

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What gluten-free flour should I buy? 

You can approach buying the best gluten-free flour in two ways. Brands like Doves Farm and Caputo make gluten-free flour alternatives to popular flour types, such as plain white gluten-free flour or gluten-free bread flour. Alternatively, you can cook with flour that is naturally gluten-free, such as corn masa harina, almond flour, chickpea gram flour or chestnut flour. These add a more unique taste to recipes.

The best type of gluten-free flour to buy depends on what dish you wish to cook. 

  • Almond flour is a type of flour made from ground almonds. It has a nutty flavour that works well in sweet baked goods, as well as savoury dishes like chicken soup or creamy pasta sauce. When using almond flour, you may need to increase the liquid content of your recipe because the almond flour absorbs water quickly.
  • Rice flour is a great alternative for wheat or other types of white flour. It has a mild flavour and produces light-coloured baked goods.
  • Corn flour (or masa harina) has a sweet taste that enhances the flavour of the foods it's added to.
  • Gram flour (or chickpea flour) can be made by grinding dried or fresh chickpeas. Although it is not as popular as other types of flour, it is a good option for gluten-free baking

How do I cook with Gluten Free Flour? 

Unlike wheat flour, which is primarily made up of carbohydrates, gluten-free flours are mostly made up of protein. This means that cooking with gluten-free flour is slightly different because you'll often need more fat to compensate for the lack of carbohydrates. If you're substituting gluten-free flour for a wheat one, try replacing half of the quantity called for with an equal amount of coconut oil or butter.